Bahamas Flag endorsements are handled via an online application system which also supports clients or employers verifying issued documentation.

The processing time for endorsements and seaman books is normally 3-4 weeks but more often than not the documents are issued faster than this and we inform applicant when the full terms have been received.

We usually request all applications to be sent in JPEG format and each application to be zipped and emailed to us at We almost always process all complete applications and send the CRA (for endorsements) or confirmation of submitted seaman book applications the same day.

The general requirements for officer endorsements are as follows:
  • Colour photo
  • Valid passport copy
  • Certificate of Competency (COC)
  • Any supporting STCW certificates and copy of CDC
We also request that in your email you state the name of the Bahamas Flag that the applicant will be joining.
The general requirements for Seaman book applications are as follows:
  • Colour photo
  • Valid passport copy
  • ILO Medical or equivalent
  • Basic Training Courses

As usual for a more detailed view of requirements for various ranks please visit the Application Forms page and download a copy of our Seafarers General Requirements, thank you.