All Cyprus enquiries are centralized and require original signed application forms to be sent to the Cyprus maritime administration. To speed up delivery time we request that applicants forward us scanned copies of the applicant's supporting documents as well as the relevant filled out and signed application forms via email so that we can check them before sending the original application forms only via courier to our office.

The processing time for the full term docs is normally 4 weeks and CRA’s can only be obtained once the Cyprus administration is in receipt of the original signed application forms so depending on when we receive your courier it can be 4-5 working days before we receive the CRA for the officer's endorsement.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the application forms found in the Application Form page for Cyprus and if you have any questions or require assistance in filling them out please contact one of our staff.

The general requirements for officer endorsements are as follows:
  • Colour photo
  • Signed original Application form
  • Valid passport copy
  • ILO Medical or equivalent
  • Certificate of Competency (COC)
  • Any supporting STCW certificates and copy of CDC

As usual for a more detailed view of requirements for various ranks please visit the Application Forms page and download a copy of our Seafarers General Requirements, thank you.