Our experience working closely with a range of flag states has given us a broad knowledge of the working practices of different flag states. Our management has a hands on philosophy to all elements of our work and gives careful attention to each client.

80% of our new clients come from client recommendations.

For the last 4 years we have been working diligently to promote and create awareness for the Belize Flag registry within the Middle East region and were appointed as Deputy Registrars for the region in 2011. Since then the flag has grown in both awareness and popularity in the region as a flag of quality as well as convenience.

Over 7 years we have obtained recognition from various flag state as follows:

  • Belize Flag; duly appointed as Deputy Registrars for the Middle East region
  • Liberia Flag; duly appointed as registered Filing Agents (No.56752)
  • Vanuatu Flag; duly appointed as Special Agents
  • Panama Flag; Acting Agents